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Dance Time (Pre-School - Up To 6 Years)

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Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is a high energy kindy gym/acrobatics Programs, teaching your little one the basic forward roll, cartwheel and hand stand, as well as offering an early stage of strength and stretch.

Bounce, balance and having a ball is what it's all about. The children will absolutely love working on our air track mat and with all of our tiny tumbler equipment.

Dance Time (Pre-School - Up To 6 Years)

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Dance Time Level 1

Introductory class for children 2-4 years

  • Parents are initially invited to participate and help their child during this class until the instructor is confident the child is grasping the skills on their own.
  • Basic dance skills are taught as well as exercises like skipping, galloping and musical movement.
  • Classes are structured, themed and disciplined.
  • We recommend a minimum of two terms in this class before progressing to the next level of "Me Time".
  • Uniform is not compulsory, however students are required to wear proper ballet shoes.
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Dance Time Level 2

For children aged

3.5-4.5 years

  • In addition to "Take Me To Dance" the children continue to build their dance skills including ballet, jazz, singing and use of imagination.
  • Children will need to be confident in participating on their own, as parental assistance is no longer required for this level.
  • Invited to perform in Showcases.
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Dance Time Level 3

For children aged

4.5-6 years

  • This class incorporates all the previous skills from "Take Me To Dance" and "Me Time".
  • Introductory Tap is offered plus stretching, combinations and further technique preparing and advancing them towards our Dance Beat or Performance Team Programs.
  • Invited to perform in Showcases.
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