NEW Dance Time Classes in 2018

In addition to our Dance Time program for the 18mth - Under 5 year olds, we are excited to introduce these 2 new classes where the children will further develop their fine motor skills, flexibility, musicality and learn to follow simple instructions in these really fun, high energy classes.

Tiny Tumblers

(Adelaide Studio Only)

Tiny Tumblers is a high energy kindy gym/acrobatics Programs, teaching your little one the basic forward roll, cartwheel and hand stand, as well as offering an early stage of strength and stretch.

Bounce, balance and having a ball is what it's all about. The children will absolutely love working on our air track mat and with all of our tiny tumbler equipment.

Cheer and Chant

(Adelaide Studio Only)

NEW to Thats Dancing for 2018 and in popular demand. Little dancers get to shake it out, just like a cheerleader with pom poms and chant to a themed tune.

Mini stunts are taught along with stretch and jazz like movements and formations.

Dance Time

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Dance Time Classes

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Introductory class for children 18 months to under 3 years

(Level 1)

  • Parents are initially invited to participate and help their child during this class until the instructor is confident the child is grasping the skills on their own.
  • Basic dance skills are taught as well as exercises like skipping, galloping and musical movement.
  • Classes are structured, themed and disciplined.
  • We recomemnd a minimum of two terms in this class before progressing to the next level of "Me Time".
  • Uniform is not compulsory, however students are required to wear proper ballet shoes.

For children aged 3-4 years

(Level 2)

  • In addition to "Take Me To Dance" the children continue to build their dance skills including ballet, jazz, singing and use of imagination.
  • Children will need to be confident in participating on their own, as parental assistance is no longer required for this level.
  • Invited to perform in Showcases.

For children aged 4-5 years

(Level 3)

  • This class incorporates all the previous skills from "Take Me To Dance" and "Me Time".
  • Introductory Tap is offered plus stretching, combinations and further technique preparing and advancing them towards our Dance Beat or Performance Team Programs.
  • Invited to perform in Showcases.